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Thank you for your interest to partner with Dr. Juice USA by becoming a Pro Staff Team Member. Together we will develop and promote scientific products that are designed by fishermen, for fishermen in order to make the fishing experience more successful and in turn more enjoyable. Dr. Juice® 2016 Pro Staff program is designed to reward avid fisherman, guides and outdoors-man alike, who are seriously interested in helping advance and create visibility for the Dr. Juice® name and product line.

Dr. Juice® believes in the value of a high quality team to represent our products, philosophies and company. Our first goal is to endorse only the elite sportsman in the field as part of our team. Our second goal is to aid in the sales and promotion of our products. Third, we expect full cooperation and complete confidentially when testing products including prompt responses when requested. Your feed back is essential in developing and continuing to produce the best products, and revolutionizing the fishing experience for all.

Pro Staff Responsibilities

♦  Pro Staff Member agrees to use Dr. Juice® while out in the field, and promote product to the best of their ability

i.e. Take photos of product in use and send to or post to the FaceBook Page.

♦  Become a member of Dr. Juice® FaceBook Page and share photos of the Dr. Juice® product in use.

♦  All product purchased under the program is strictly for personal use only. Product may not be a resold either independently or by any retail outlet. A complete listing of products is listed in the Dr. Juice® Catalog or online at Product orders can be submitted via the Pro Staff Order Form or by email it to

♦  Dr. Juice Team Member understands that all products provided under this agreement are for personal use only and for promotional activities that will expose the product to the benefit of Dr. Juice®.

♦  Dr. Juice® reserves the right to void agreement if products under this agreement are being re-sold, or product isn’t seeing desired exposure of the product.

♦  Pro Staff will be required to pay the shipping cost (based on weight and destination) for all materials sent to them. 

Dr. Juice® Brand Exposure & Promotional Support Expectations:

♦  Agrees to verbally promote Dr. Juice® during all interviews, tournaments, industry events & shows, and during all fishing activities.

♦  Agrees to sport Dr. Juice® logo whenever possible. Specifically, Pro Staff agrees to wear Dr. Juice® apparel or apparel with the Dr. Juice® logo prominently displayed during fishing activities, shows & events. Apparel such as hats and shirts will be provided by Dr. Juice®.

Dr. Juice® agrees to give Pro Staff free marketing materials throughout the year on an as needed basis such as hats, stickers, catalogs, and banners.

Dr. Juice® Product Development:

♦  Member agrees to provide assistance with new product development by performing field test evaluations of new products and providing feedback on product performance, as requested. Dr. Juice® is committed to continuous product improvement and product innovation.

If you think you would be a good fit for the Dr. Juice® Team send us your completed application by submitting the form below or email completed PDF to or mail to:


Dr. Juice Pro Staff Responsibilities

Dr. Juice Pro Staff Agreement Online Form

Dr. Juice Pro Staff Agreement PDF

By Submitting the form Pro Staff Agrees to terms of the Pro Staff Agreement and Responsibilities.

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