Deer Hunting

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Deer Hunting

The Dr. Juice Deer Scent System

is an incredible, all natural, new concept in deer hunting that combines the secrets of trophy hunters and the biology of deer. For the first time, hunters have full control of the deer’s most sensory system — the sense of smell.

Our Cover Scent is a unique, scientific combination of natural woodland odors which is able to completely cover the human scent. It will demolish any scents you may carry along from the cabin or that could be caught by the wind. Make your human scent disappear from the woods!
Our Deer Attractant is a territorial invasive scent made of North American and foreign deer pheromones, producing an approach and investigate response in both bucks and does. Foreign scent triggers a much stronger response than domestic scent alone. Because it is not a urine or estrus sex sent, it works all throughout the hunting season on both bucks and does.


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